The Lost Mango

My eyes were set on it. The mango at the top of the tree. It seemed so ripe, so sweet. People told me I couldn’t climb that height and I should choose the lower ones. People warned me that it might even be rotten. I even heard someone saying that if I somehow manage to climb so high, as soon as I try to hold it, it would just fall down and I would loose it.

Nonetheless, I had to give a try. I managed to climb the height. I reached the top of the tree. And as I tried to touch my prize, I lost it, for it went crashing into the ground. I was shattered. People said it was just a mango and I could always get another one. But I knew it was not just that, just a fruit, it was something more. It was something my heart was set on. It was my desire. And it pained because with it went away a piece of my heart.


9 thoughts on “The Lost Mango

  1. i to had such an aim, i was 10-11yr old ………… slipped off ma hand…..on 2 da floor…it was a toffee….but i got it back coz i wanted it impatiently…….but i guess der r many stories which cn’t b repeated again n again 2 make corrections…….i luk 4 some new horizon of hope….

  2. the long and short of it: sanmukh’s infatuated to somebody. quite obvious, innit?
    the question worth pondering over, however, is:
    now that he’s left such a big hint on a domain as public as this blog, will he venture further and tell us what her name is.. or must it remain a mystery? (wink wink)

  3. i know the name of the infatuation but the question is: when did it slip out of hand? i think it is still achievable πŸ˜‰

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