Grow Up

In this world of grownups and childs, I find it very difficult to place myself in either of the categories.I am teasing and irritating and I often have been a victim of child like jealousies and stupidities. But as soon as I decide to put myself into the category of a child my whole other form starts flashing in front of me.

I like to take control of the things going on in my life. I like to take responsibilities for my failures, handle my problems myself. I like to be independent. I dont even remember when I last went to my parents crying for some reason. Clearly, I am not mature enough, but I am also not a child. I guess that will be the norm of my life. I ll never grow up although I grow up everyday.


2 thoughts on “Grow Up

  1. Well I don’t think it’s lousy, in fact this is what I have been thinking about you for the past few days and for me as well ( i suppose). But you have portrayed it so beautifully with the right words, it seems you know yourself so clearly. Nice! πŸ™‚

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