life it is!

Sometimes, I find re-reading a novel a lot more amusing than the first time reading. This time I know all the tricks of the author. I know how the story is spun up, and eventually what will happen. The feeling is a kind of a deja vu only difference being that the events are not happening to me but to the projections of the novel in my mind. Sometimes I feel, if only I could talk to these projections and tell them when they are in despair, “Dont worry, everything will turn out to be just fine. Eventually it will all end”.

Life is like reading the novel for the first time. You never know what the author has planned. Sometimes you wish you could peek into the pages ahead to make yourself believe that everything is going to be alright. Fortunately, its not possible, for if it were, life wouldn’t have been so beautiful. And each novel has only limited number of pages. Also each chapter is allocated with a limited space in the book. So whatever it is, it will eventually end.

Its the bitter sweet coincidences that I like the most in my life. Especially how the things build up to make that coincidence happen. Its just a normal day of life following the normal course, but something unanticipated, most unexpected event goes wrong to change the course of the day, as if it happened just to make that one moment of coincidence possible. Life, its just too beautiful.


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