The Perfectionist

‘Perfection’ is a word that intrigues me. Here and there I can see a lot many, if not all people pursuing their goal to attain perfection, but the more they try, the more it eludes them. However, the use of the word ‘elude’ is a bit unfair here, as these people are actually getting better at whatever they are trying to master, its just that the more they get to know about their own capabilities the more they aspire to attain in future.

Interestingly, when I look at the ‘near-perfect’ things around my life, I kind of get nervous. I hate monotony, and once build all the near perfect things acquire monotony. Consider the ‘Delhi Metro’ for example. Will it keep running till eternity with the same announcements, same opening and closing of doors without any accidents? Not that I wish this brilliant system to fail but the thought makes me sick that it will keep on running forever.

The words ‘infinity’ and ‘eternity’ scare me. And though I admit that I am a disappointment when it comes to  maths, but thats not the only reason. I cannot comprehend that fact that this universe will last for eternity, that the empty space around us is infinity, and that owing to the aftereffects of the big bang, our universe will keep on expanding into that infinite empty space. Its just makes me feel so insignificant.

Perhaps thats the reason why people believe in god. They dont want to be left alone as a tiny insignificant piece of hydrocarbon but need to feel that they have been created for a purpose. I agree that I dont have the intellect to decide whether god exists or not, because if he/she does exist and he/she did indeed create this universe, then we are no more than subjects bounded within the framework of his/her experiments. Debating about god’s existence would like the following scenario.

In the context of Operating Systems(a field in computer science)

Process 1 to Process 2: Do you believe in Operating Systems?

Process 2: yes.

Process 1: Do you believe that there is an almighty power that allocates you memory, cpu, when you require and takes them away at its discretion without any consideration for your opinions. If that is true, explain me why there is so much inequality in this system, why are most of the processes idle waiting for CPU or many of them have been swapped out due to lack of pages. Does this reflect the fairness of you Operating System?

What I believe is in the end nothing matters. If there’s an afterlife, I wont be remembering any of the stuffs I did in this life in the same way I dont remember what all I did in the previous life if it existed. So practically I have just one life to live, a life of just 50-70 more years. Now, I could live this life convincing myself that there is no god and I am solely responsible for my actions and punishing myself for my failures even though I might not deserve the punishment, thus making my life miserable. Also in this case I miss upon the opportunity of being grateful to someone, which to my experience is the most satisfying act of all. And the other extreme is to rely totally upon god for each and every decision of life, and trivially making the life worthless for myself and even others (as followed by religious fanatics). But there is a third option that I follow(and which most of the common people do with or without realising). The option is to believe in god, to thank him/her my for successes, to blame him/her my for failure, but not to an extent where my actions are compromised. I try to do the best I can for what I aspire, the result, I leave it on the uncontrolled circumstances, i.e. GOD.

And believe me when I say this, “I am a happy soul.”!


8 thoughts on “The Perfectionist

  1. OK.
    1.) The Delhi Metro is nowhere near perfect. It can be improved in a number of ways, which you would only be able to comprehend if you looked at it as an engineer. The Delhi Metro will keep on improving. Nothing remains the same. As they say “the only constant in the world is change”
    2.) Your limited knowledge is shown by your assumption that the universe will expand forever. It won’t. If you knew only a little bit of Astrophysics, you would know that the universe is slowing down as I type. And a day will come, billions of years from now when it will stop and then start contracting.
    3.) We can’t do much about the fact that you get scared of stuff.
    4.) The conversation between the 2 processes. You seem to be invoking the God-is-perfect-but-he-created-an-imperfect-world argument. The question is not whether God is perfect (because we can’t define ‘perfect’), but is he in fact more “intelligent” that human beings. And frankly, I can design a world much better that what it is today. No process can manage the CPU/memory better than the OS. So your analogy of the processes stands falsified.
    5.) “the result, I leave it on the uncontrolled circumstances, i.e. GOD”. The fact that there are uncontrolled circumstances does not imply that they are controlled by God. What you wrote is also called “argument from ignorance”. Read about it.
    In all, a poorly written and argued piece, something which was not expected from you. Next time, please do some research before writing about things you don’t comprehend properly.
    PS. There is no such thing as a soul. You may be a happy human being, but not a happy soul.

  2. “Perhaps that’s the reason why people believe in god. They don’t want to be left alone as a tiny insignificant piece of hydrocarbon but need to feel that they have been created for a purpose.”

    However, I do agree with this. Most religious people just want a Big Daddy in the sky looking after them.

  3. People fight, they always fight…but for me this a way of expressing your views, this is a discussion. I thought of this conversation happening face to face missing all points. Thank GOD it has not been that way.

    What have I written “Thank GOD”!
    Who decided that this conversation will take place here itself not anywhere else??? I’m still thinking….

  4. superlike :)… khatam phodta hai yaar tu.. perfection part is great… hope that aamir and shahrukh read this article… bus God ke upar ki gayin batein hajam nhi hotin

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