I Think I Lost Something

Having a passion and having a crush have a lot of similarities between them. Both keep you obsessed and if you are a thinker like me, you will be preoccupied with these thoughts the whole day. You think about it, you dream about it. You want to do anything to get it. You feel anxious. You feel scared. You feel miserable. And sometimes you even feel serene and confident. Not a moment spent away from what you think you ought to do passes away without guilt.

At times I had both, but now I have none. Somewhere down the line, I lost both of them. And this is what this post is about, a rant about my passivity.

Someone once wrote for me, “you could have been an outrageous piece of awesomeness, but you really have to light a fire under your ass”. True, but I believe this laziness can be cured only when I.catch hold of a passion, a motivation to get going. I know I am past the age of having childish infatuations, but a passion is something I yearn for desperately.

This is to hoping I find one soon!


6 thoughts on “I Think I Lost Something

  1. You’re pass the age of nothing – If it helps, I blogged “crush” poems, when I was in IITG, and I was certainly older than than your age (even now, I guess!). So, yes, stay alive, and keep writing, please! PR

    • I would surely like to read the blog which seems to be dedicated to your crush. 😉 And btw thanks, its good to hear that. 🙂 “Stay Alive!” is something I should strive for.

  2. This is something almost everyone experiences. So no don’t beat yourself up too much. Try everything out there till that passion of yours is triggered.

  3. @Sanmukh I just don’t know how to describe your writing. But if I can sum up in one line then I would say: “Your writing is the food for the soul that I’m missing”. Please keep writing. Don’t stop. It’s very very very difficult to pen down what we feel and you have mastered that art. Your writing is a bliss in my despair.

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