My Love

“I was determined not to fall for you.As the days came closer, I had this tingling feeling developing in my stomach. There was something in your beauty that made me break my determination. I was disarmed by your charm. Now I wanted you badly. I could do anything to get you.

So the day came and I was all prepared. I passed the conditions you put for me. I finished the challenges you gave to me. I slept with a smile on my face, assured tomorrow you’d be mine, but you just went away without even saying good-bye. You broke my heart into a million pieces.”

-me to MicroSoft.


12 thoughts on “My Love

  1. microsoft ki aukat nahi thi tujhe affford karne ki!!!!

    jis din ho gai na ….tere aage piche ghumegi….fir tere upar chhoda…wat u wnna fo vid microsoft….

    buddy u r here for the best not juss4 nythng gud!!!

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