The Wrong Choice

21 years ago, I was at god’s place. People in groups of two were sent to god to make a choice regarding their birth. So now it was me and my partner’s turn. God asked us,”Boys, you both will be blessed with a  wonderful life, you’ll have people who love you, but you have to make a choice between two things. Either you get an extraordinary brain, with a very high aptitude for logic or you’ll be born in a very rich family with no brains at all”.

I thought,”So ok! if I choose brain, I can use it to earn money and so soon I ll get what all he ll get, and who wants to be a dumb child of a very rich dad?”. So I hastily chose the first option. And the guy next to me chose the second. I laughed in my mind, “What a fool he is, no wonder he took that choice, see how dumb he is!!!”.

So as promised by god, I got what I chose. A wonderful brain, which fell in love with maths and finally I cleared the JEE. But today I saw the guy who stood next to me cruising on a bike with his hotty girlfriend holding him tightly. I thought, “so much for the whole brain thing, I should have made the other choice”! 😀


23 thoughts on “The Wrong Choice

  1. Good one saale,
    Quite boastful though 😀

    and yea, what is the choice offered to girls?
    either have brains and go to IITs or take beauty and go to DU ? 😛

  2. Nice one dude…. 🙂
    By the way don’t repent…
    sab moh maaya hai….
    insaan ka dimaag hi uska asli saathi hota hai… 🙂

  3. bhai seriously .. dil ki baat bol di ..
    Do you know Vijay Mallya’s son gets to date deepika padukone for reasons unknown :P..

    Chal koi nai .. waise i am sure you don’t dream of taking hot chicks on a ride (on a bike ofc wat else can i mean..) even you would prefer some decent enough gal and take her out on a sober version of a date..
    I am sure we ll get someone who can see beyond our looks..:)

  4. i am sure de wll end up breaking-up wid each other !!! 😀

    and yeah girls do like pple wid brains not bikes !!!![atleast in my case ]

  5. wow…dt ws great..welll done sanmukh ur choice is paying u off…u r d one with d famous blog nt!! 😉

  6. How sad! But be patient! Ek din zaroor Mercedes mein ghumaoge apni girlfriend ko… (Never mind ki tab tak you will have started getting gray hair)

  7. Don’t worry yaar, tu bhi kabhi na kabhi cyle ke agli dandi bitha ke bandi ko ghumayega. Jo feel ismein hai (Veer zara) vo mercedes ya bike mein kahan. 😛

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