I Know I m Still in IITG When

1. The Undeterable Singers: There goes the cacophony, “Aye khuda blah, blah, blah”. No its not Rahat Fateh Ali Khan I am cursing, and believe me after listening to all those self-proclaimed singers of my hostel, he is a god to me. I put on my headphones to escape the daily attrocities I suffer. There are room singers, there are bathroom singers, there are lobby singers and even the mess-walas are no less than singers. I am sure the day all of them start singing together, all the dogs of the IIT will gather in kapili howling.

2. The Blaring Vuvuzela: Aah! How can one forget it. Just when you start believing that god has finally started blessing you and batakh’s vuvuzela has been stolen, BAAAAAA, there it goes, and tears come gushing into your eyes. I admire the person who named him batakh for his foresight, for the sound of his vuvuzela is no different from that of a real duck, although to match the intensity the duck has to be as big as my hostel itself. πŸ˜€

3. The Khattebaazon ke Khatte: “Person 1: Yar ek khatta suna. Person 2: Khatta”. If you think thats bad, think again. If you still think thats bad, then you should leave this place immediately and never come back. There is a whole hierarchy of khattebaazs. There are khatta kings of individual lobbies, then there are khatta kings of each floor, and then finally there is just one khatta king of the whole hostel, and we all know who he is, The Pirate, Aint he? You are gossiping with your friends, the discussion is typical, bad mess food, girls, bad profs, girls, bad movie, girls, good movie, something which has xxx or naughty in its name, πŸ˜‰ and suddenly as if someone has silently passed a “dhussi”, (I hope you know what it means, both the meaning of dhussi(else google is god) and what it means when someone does so in the middle of that serious discussion), a khatta is dropped in between the discussion. I have got nothing more to explain, we all know how we feel. πŸ™‚

4. The Infinitely Looped Songs: while(1){ “And I’m so lonely, blah, blah blah”;}, hope thats not too technical. πŸ˜€ I know there are broken hearted people all around. I can imagine the reason too, but it breaks my heart when the same portion of magnetic media gets chafed again and again and again, (infact i should write while(1){ “again”;}, again sorry for technicality.) I mean common, why are you dumping the other portions of your magnetic disk like your girlfriend dumped you, are they so bad, I know they are not as charming as this portion, but they are still portions, they too might have feelings. And ya, I love that song too, but not to an extent where I would run it in an infinite loop.

5. The IIT of Snake Charmers: 50 years back, India was considered a land of snake charmers. 50 years since then, The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,(heavy name, isnt it?), is considered as the IIT of snake charmers. There are snake catchers everywhere, some catch the small slimy ones, some catch the big poisonous ones,(disclaimer:Trust at your own risk. :D). I think its the only IIT where if someone says, “There is a cobra!”, people will bring in their cameras and swarm around it like the journalists do in the Peepali Live movie. I pity the snake!

I was thinking of writing about earthquakes too, ya those naughty vibrations which dont let me finish my dreams, but I think they have long forsaken this place. I miss them. 😦

P.S.: This article is not to offend anyone, infact these are the memories to be cherished forever. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “I Know I m Still in IITG When

  1. yay! another masterpiece!
    amen to the foresight in batakh’s nomenclature πŸ˜€

    how could you possibly come up with something like this with all that btp stuff going on?

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