And here comes the winters

Winters are the most romantic and the most romanticizable of all the seasons. Ya dancing in rains in sexy ofcourse but theres a lot more that can be done in winters. The fog and the mist, the chilly winds and the steamy breaths. What can be more beautiful?

Winters are times of closeness. You dont mind keeping the laptop on your lap as you enjoy its warmth. You dont mind watching a movie cuddled into a single blanket as it keeps everyone warm. And most importantly, you wont mind sitting next to a rickshaw wala to enjoy the warmth of fire lit beside the roadside.

Also winters are times of inactivity, laziness. And when sometimes I wake up at 1 in the afternoons,(yes I do but only on weekends. 😀 ) and see the light of sun dampened by the fog, I feel I haven’t missed much of this new day. I don’t feel guilty of my lazyness.

Winters are the best reflection of how human life works. If you are one of the well off ones, winter is a bliss for you have all the means to enjoy it to fullest, but if you are on the other side of the economic scale, its nothing more than a nightmare. Also romanticizing is a hobby when you are secure enough with less worries of the basic necessities of life. Its sad but its true, and bare truth is always better than hundred candy coated lies.

And as they say about life, nothing lasts forever, not even the cold November rain. Life is measured not by the number of springs enjoyed, but by the number of winters endured.

Cheers for the winters, and lets welcome it with this song.


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