Fickle Hearts

People have a habit of falling in love. They fall in love with a person, an idea, with money, position, power and sometimes with themselves. They obsess it in their dreams and thoughts. They paint in their minds the image of how the person or idea is, or should be. This love forms their lifeline, their source of energy in distress. And we admire such people, people with purpose in life, people with beliefs, people who love someone.

But what happens if one day I realize that the one I used to love passionately has changed beyond recognition or I always had wrong notion about that person; or that the idea I so obsessed about doesn’t even make sense in the current context anymore. That would shake the ground beneath me, and deprive me of my source of energy. That would leave me heart broken.

And its not an alien concept. This keeps happening everyday to some person or the other. Every day ideas are debunked, perceptions are proven wrong. We rely on fickle things to keep our hearts from breaking, and more often than not we are punished for it.

Still we survive. In fact we live. Isnt that a beauty? A tale of courage often untold? Or is it that only those survive who do not love, do not believe in anything? I hope not, because that would break my fickle heart.


6 thoughts on “Fickle Hearts

  1. Well-written entry! It’s thoughtful without the jargons and hopeful without the sappiness.

    It is sad as you noted how people tend to base (or invest) so much of their feelings and thoughts into something that’s not stable. Nevertheless, it is indeed “a tale of courage often untold.”

  2. I think when people realize that the one idea they had stuck to was not as they had believed it to be, they tend to give it up and turn to some other new idea. They get into this habit of believing in one idea. Learning from mistakes. Most of them realize it early. If you are so much into a single idea, then you are constantly analyzing it and so the chances of a wrong notion should decrease. The intensity of belief is also important.

    • You are right. “Change is the only constant” as they say. And ideas are no different for that matter. Its just that we need to fight against the inertia to move on. And ofcourse “intensity of belief” is what governs this inertia and makes moving on a bit more difficult.

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