The Ultimate Truth

I always had the eyes to appreciate the pulchritude of the elegant solutions that mathematics proposes, but unfortunately I never had enough wits and patience(and ofcourse courage) to explore the infinite landscape it offers. Sometimes I wish I had a sherpa who would guide me in negotiating these terrains while I appreciate the beautiful view at those heights. Although I never hoped to get such a guide, but serendipity is what one might call it when I discovered this book “The Music of Primes” by Marcus Du Sautoy at a book fair.

The book describes the quest of mankind for understanding the mysteries of primes, their penchant for finding patterns in them which still eludes them after centuries of hardwork. But the side effects of such a quest(which I am sure will succeed one day) have been tremendous which on one side account for the deeper understanding of the abstract concept of the nature itself while on the other side has geared the tremendous pace of technology.

I have known and appreciated the concepts of mathematics manifesting itself into the beauty of nature, the most striking being the fibonacci series, but I could never fathom that the distribution of primes would have a resemblance to the energy level of electrons within an atom. And both these patterns are truely random, a lot like tossing a coin or rolling a dice.

There is a lot more to this universe than we have observed or could observe before we kill each other. The whole universe is based on some beautiful set of equations, simple enough for soundness and complex enough to elude the understandings of the greatest of our kinds. The numbers and equations are not a figment of our imagination, they do not depend on our existence, but they do exist irrespective of whether we exist or not, and they will keep governing the phenomena of the universe. A prime number will always be indivisible in any number system that the various civilizations across the universe have developed in their own home planets. This is something we can call an absolute truth.

Maybe this is true even for our lives, since we too are an integral part of this universe. Maybe the events of our life are governed by some random distribution generated by a set of equations. Some distributions lead a person to greatness, while  most of the others plunge him into the abyss of anonymity. I am a great believer that in life our choices do govern whether we reach to greatness or not, but maybe even our choices are governed by these same distributions. Ofcourse, we might never find out if this is indeed true, alteast not in our lifetimes.


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Truth

  1. Pretty deep thinking.
    If our universe is governed by a set of equations, we just might be a big computer simulation for some great beings outside our spacetime.

  2. Very well expressed Sanmukh and an interesting read.

    I can relate to what you say. Its quite likely that the universe as we know it, is governed by a set of equations which human beings can not fully comprehend or process yet with all the intelligence and computing power available to us.

    The Universe appears random to us, just as brownian motion would appear random to a normal human observer. Clearly our brain is unable to make out a pattern in all the chaos. But Brownian motion is has been approximated to a mathematical equation.

  3. Very well expressed Sanmukh. The universe like brownian motion appears to be random, however there do seems to exists a model set of equations to determine what could happen next.
    The causality is such a distant past for us. We do not have enough processing power to actually be able to model the universe as of now.
    Just imagine the particles trying to discover the equation which keeps them in brownian motion. Being a part of the system, it seems very chaotic.
    Therefore many progressive philosophers (Buddha, Osho) prescribe human beings to be in an observer state if they want to discover the ultimate truth.
    Moksha or enlightenment is another name for observer state.

      • Don’t know what sentence you speak of. Just wanted to say that…
        It’s upside down
        The other way around
        You got it all wrong
        You gotta flip that song

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