War of Words

What if wars were fought by words rather than guns. Armies would howl and growl curses at each other. Fiercer, angrier, louder voices would win. The losers would go crazy or their ears would burst or their eyes would pop out.

But isn’t that what is happening today. The louder and angrier would become the leaders. They would bark and scream to collect a mob. They would give them guns and bombs to fight a war. A mob has no ideology, a mob has no heart. And once you get a mob, you are halfway into the war.

Every war is fought by words, the bombs and guns are just these words exploding!


5 thoughts on “War of Words

    • What appear as noises to us might be words for others. A mob might shout perfectly legitimate words, but all a bystander would hear would be the sound of howling, growling or cursing. Anyways the point was not to differentiate between words and sounds, the point was to stress the fact that the world today is too obsessed by the ones who speak, with or without thinking, and that is causing all the troubles.

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