Valentine’s Day

So another valentine’s day without a valentine. I entered this day cursing the course of Compilers. While the book was trying hard to tell me how to build an LL-1 parser(dont bother about wat it is :P), my heart was wondering about the keywords love, rose, kiss, valentine and hoping someone would let me know the grammar to generate them.

Meanwhile the world around too was entering into this day. Some were calling their bfs/gfs(god knows how they decided which one to call first ;)), some lucky ones might even be kissing their valentines and a not-so-some-but-a-many must have been sleeping or watching a movie or doing something which in no way has anything to do with entering into the valentines day.

But four of my friends, some thousand and five hundres miles away were doing something very different, not unique though, but a strange way to enter into this day. I d refer to them as “The one who pukes”, “The one with many gfs”,”The resistant one” and “The abstinant one”. And lets call this group as the “I am not drunk army”. 500 ml of a clear liquid or “This thing”(now u know what it means) consumed by four minus ones of this army’s jawans. God knows what they were thinking, or were they even thinking, because now there was no scope of going back to their homes. And so to fight for their existence(for they would have been killed if they had gone home in such a condition :D) they had to now encroach upon one of their friend’s hostel-room.So lets look at how each one of them entered into this world.

1.The Ones Who Pukes:- I hope the name is self-explanatory itself, for the “This Thing” was clearing here digestive tracks. She entered the valentines day fresh and new with all the dirt inside her thrown out. πŸ˜€ Lucy gal. :P. She had to be carried to the room from the car. And for a note, I was not at all surprised to hear it.

2.The one with many gfs:- Contrary to you guesses, he was not working on any algorithm to decide which one to call first, rather he was reciting the names of maybe hundreds of gals whom he had met, not met, seen, not seen, kissed not kissed, slept with not slept with ;). Maybe it was some hymn to please God valentine, or maybe he was just drunk. πŸ˜€ But if the latter is true, I am surprised. πŸ˜›

3.The abstinant one:- I know its difficult to relate the word abstinant to this gal, but ya its true. She dint drink the “This Thing”. God knows how it occured, but she dint. And its not hard for me to imagine how this drama gal entered into this day, for she was giving those saas-bahu dialogues where you get to say “I told you so” but telling it so bluntly and tactlessly wouldnt add up to your viewership.

4. The Resistant One:- As the names suggests, this Darua or u may call alcoholic, was not affected by the ill aftereffects of “This Thing”. He was the one arranging for their night stay, by making the owner of the hostel sleep in the verandah. He entered into this day by babysitting the other three(Ya three is correct, because the abstinant one always requires babysitting even though she might not be drunk :P), and calling me and asking me to write a blog post on it.

So, I sighed, I wish I could have been there. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends. I love you all. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. hehehehe bhai awesome………though facts are not clear but again it gets the situation all in all……..aaj subah bajarang dal aur pata nahi kaun kaunse dalon k darr se again had to go with the twos to get them back to there hostel hail-hearty……it takes courage my frnd courage to endure a tripplei…….LOLzzz………!!!!

    PS with a hangover effect……

  2. Oye u r wrng with raghus name…wo bhi tunn tha..sala gadi kaise chalai..pata ni…but we all r safe and f9..!!
    nnice blog…will feed u more on our reniun on monday..!!

    • saale…..i was composite untill i figured that you guys are fine samjha….aur then i got that tunn feeling get over me….nahi to aapko kal raat shayad station par beetana padti ….(might be a police station or any other one…..)

      K.K. salla…..!!

  3. hahahahahahahahhahahas…..that was hell..a complete dark cage full of absolute void in my brain,..thoughts were gone n i was laughing endlessly over any thing n evrythng.i love u guys…without u all n the residence (for last nite)i ‘d have been crawling sumwehr
    this is was my first meet with adi lasting for about 20 hours …..afraid about the nexts…..:p

    • hahahaha….20 hrs of khatarnak miss-happening….!!!and ….i am still stuck at the home bcz that factious paper lasts 4 and they are saying why going early…..!!!!

  4. heheeeee..nice one…i believe..i cud guess oll..soo i wud sayy well put..!!!
    n guys happiee valentines day..seems u started it well..!!! πŸ™‚

  5. hehehe…realli nic 1!!!!!i cud mak bou d 2 guys n d dere s a bit o confusion bou one o d gurlz..nd bi d way it’s abstainant nd not abstinant…:P usual dis 1 too ws a tantalizing blog entry!!!!
    man u rock!!!!!sachi-muchi!!!
    u r d bst!!!kudos 2 u!!!!

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