Failure is not that bad

Life is not a bed of roses, neither is it fair. I had my own moments of victory, I had my own moments of defeat. Victories used to fill me up with a fresh wave of confidence, while the defeats used to suck it all up. The cycle used to go on until recently.

Surprisingly and paradoxically, the last few defeats have had a completely different effect on me. Eventually I gained confidence through them instead of losing it. Being asked for my password to app on my behalf, getting calls which were to make sure that I was fine, receiving messages from half-expected persons, nullified the effects of defeat. I laughed at myself for being so stupid.

“dont worry, lag jayegi intern. And I believe something better is waiting for u. :)”

The last two lines of this message struck me. The last one made me smile for I imagined the smile on the sender’s face and the second last one led me into thinking. My whole life had been marked by last moment decision changes mostly which were not under my control. And everytime, I thanked god for these decisive moment decision changes for they have always proved correct. The courses which I took at the decisive points dint even used to be in the inventory list. I admit that I have a very poor foresight. I dont want to decide where will I be 15 years from now, because even at the end of 14th year I wont be so sure about it. I believe life is not just a set of completely independent co-incidences, but each event in life carries some significance associated with it. And maybe this one has its own share of significance too.

Now I ve started believing that something better is waiting for me. I just have to prove myself by working even harder. I have to increase my level of excellence for the one on which I am standing now is not enough, as has been proved repeatedly. Now I dont fear failures, for I know I have people to catch me if I fall. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Failure is not that bad

  1. And do not forget that ones best success comes after their greatest disappointments.. so Just believe yourself! 🙂
    And yes sender of that message seems very intelligent! 😉

  2. well well….this is the first post relating your thought towards life “the heading”…..
    your last para stating that ” something better is waiting for me…….” was the best overconfident positive thought generated by our Indian (thinking) community….but then you are a breed apart….and you followed this sentence by a self explanatory mode of your
    perceptive future life……..
    sorry to get a bit philosophical here but bro one thing is for sure…..once you are outta this situation you will be the phoenix….rather FAWKS…..
    tc bro..

  3. Dont worry dude… n don’t think too much about the future… Its all written somewhere and its gonna happen whether you want it or not. And I have a strong feeling that there are more victories than defeats for you in there 🙂

    I’m damn sure that in 15th years from now, I’m gonna be very proud to have been in the same class as Sanmukh for 4 years 😀

    — Rohan

  4. sanmukh …….again a nice one ! huh cant u write smthng really terrible so dat i can laugh at u[:P]
    and yeah we ALL believe in u even ur competitors know how well-read and knowldgble u are !!let them have their chance coz once u get in2 this they wil surely get demoralsd[:P]

  5. 🙂

    If you really have that clarity of mind, then nothing like that. Intern wagerah lagegi ya nahi lagegi usse thoda sa hi farak padega yaar.

    I did not even mention my intern anywhere in my CV cos I thought I didn’t do anything on that save running for a girl 😉 And things just worked out okay.

    • hehe..!! nice to hear that….!!! waise the post was the outcome of the frustrations accumulated throughout the prev few months :)..!!!
      Kher ye sunke to bada hi accha laga ki intern doesnt matter much..!! 🙂

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