Those Chicken Wings are Damn Tasty

We have this huge penchant for defining everything, a great tickling to bring order to chaos. We are schemers, we scheme and when we fail to put something to order, we outcast it, admonish it. And the same goes with morality– what to do, what not to do.

Angels have been created, laws have been framed to tell us what to do. Demons have been conjured, courts have been summoned to tell us what not to do. But somehow the world is still in chaos. Morality is more of an individualistic virtue than a societal one so naturally shoving down a list of To-Dos and To-Not-Dos never helps. Fear helps, but only for the less courageous ones, ones who are the law abiding citizens.

You know you have erred only when your conscience pricks. For some, it can prick for the most trivial act of swiping a credit card, for some it might prick when they imagine someone naked whom they shouldn’t and for some it might never even prick. Some get used to it and some even start enjoying it; and its like getting addicted to a cigarette, initially you can feel the hit in a few puffs but as you get addicted even a pack won’t get you high.

Imagine a potter creating an earthen pot. The outer hand is the notions of morality put into your head by the schools you attend, by the people you meet, by the books you read. The inner hand is how much you choose to accept. And the pot I created doesn’t rattle on eating chicken wings. So I yearn for them and find them tasty, without even a slightest hint of a prick.


2 thoughts on “Those Chicken Wings are Damn Tasty

  1. What you say is true. But the fact remains that society can’t be run by allowing everyone to formulate a morality on their own. A baseline for morality must be set, like not killing, for us to maintain a civilized world.

    • Well, I believe laws are for that purpose, like you said to maintain a civilized world. Although a person may not agree with some law(e.g. killing,stealing???), but has to follow it regardless.

      Law reinforced by morality is the best, but the other way round is a complete mess.

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