A Drive to Remember

Its the moments of happiness which makes you prepared for the depressing hope crushing life ahead, they give something to hold on to which life can never take away from us.

Today it was a similar evening worth remembering till the end. It started with my friends Raghav and Kratika picking me up from home from Raghav’s brand new I10 and raghav being the driver :P. Then we picked up nikita which was when the silence broke for ever. Although before in no terms it could be called a silence but as compared to the entry of nikita in the car and moments thereafter, it was no more than the silence of a library where you could hear even a pin dropping on the floor.

The whole hangout was marked with uncertainties, rather a better word would be confusion. We fought over deciding the places we eventually dint go and went to the places which were in first place not even a part of discussion or say fight. We went to the lake side, and my wallet got lighter sponsoring the food supplies and then we went for a stroll alongside the lake. The most amazing part was Nikita paid for our bhel-puries, definitely a tale to be passed on till generations ;).Then a drive along the lake and a crawl on the busy roads of bhopal led us to a decision we never even considered before, we were going to kaliasoth dam at 8 in the night. We took some snacks with us went on with our adventure. Then after admiring the beauty it was time for us to return. The return journey was marked with the world famous words(screams) one hears from the mouth of gals “Yar raat ho gayee hai, late ho gaye, ab daant padegi.” šŸ˜›

So we dropped them one by one and went on to our homes. It was a beautiful evening and theres a lot more to it but i just dont have the words to express them.


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