Waking up the Chef Within

Cooking is an art says they but every thing can be cultivated says I(stolen from krishna ma’am’s treasure :D). So I started off with my cooking classes with my first project being “Veg Biryani”.

Well some may not call it a good start as I skipped the boring part of cutting the vegetables which my mom did instead. I directly jumped to the part where I lit the stove and put a cooker on it. Then I put in some ghee followed by jeera, rai, elaichi etc etc. Now translate yourself these ingredients as I am in no way offering you a “dummy’s guide to cookery by a dummy” :P. Then some tomatoes, cauliflowers, onions, and soyabeen baris were the ones to jump into the cooker. I mixed them thoroughly, which I suppose helped my body to exercise some of its unused parts.(I dont think watchin movies and sleeping most of the time require all the portions of the body :D). So then I added some rice and water, again mixed them for sometime and was about to close the lid. Wait I missed something, oops I forgot to add salt. So I added some salt and finally closed the lid.

Now I had to wait for the acknowledgment of the cooker that everything inside it has been cooked. Meanwhile, my excitementΒ  brought me here to write this blog post. I hope when I open the cooker and eat whatever is inside it, it tastes somewhat better than that thing which I had to eat daily in the hostel mess.


14 thoughts on “Waking up the Chef Within

  1. making that biryani ,i suppose,must’ve opened all the rusty doors leading to the hidden talent[:P]or precisely “the unknown experimental being” within you hahhaha
    i dont even wish to come close to it hahahah πŸ˜›

    • God save u..!!! ur the luckiest one who is so close to my dish..!!! (jst 5 kms :P) still u dont appreciate.!!!

      koi na jab log tareef kare nd tujhe apni galti ka ehsaas ho jaye to, my doors are always open for u… πŸ˜‰

  2. my dear sanmukh,
    I truly appreciate the blowing effort of your broken heart asking for some appreciation for your prepared so called “biryani”,to which i m the closest victim haha:P.
    Considering the same,I d like to say that i’d love to have a bite of something cooked my my friend .
    I know I wont be disappointed:)

  3. well……. sanmikh wh’ should i call u now ……… MR.WIRES OR MR.CHEF. tu he bata de n result bhi bata ki teri so called β€œVeg Biryani” bani ya kuch aur …………. lolz !!!

  4. u know i give gud nicknames 2 those frnds dat r really close 2 me ………… so ur 1 of ’em ,how can i let u off widout giv’g nicknames
    so now u decide by urself ki i sh’ call u MR.WIRES OR MR.CHEF……………haha !!

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