Use Call mat karna, tu hosh mein nahin hai.. !!

A few days back, 24th to be precise, I had a wonderful evening with Raghav, one of my best friend. The title of this post is just one of a dozen of things told to me, I wonder why? πŸ˜€

25th of December is Raghav’s b’day for those of you who don’t remember or don’t know him. So I threw a party for him. It was just we two. Only boys, and not the chatterboxes. πŸ˜› So we bought a packet of kurkure, 2 bottles of sprite and a bottle of “this thing” and went for a drive to kaliasoth. There we mixed this “this thing” into sprite and our party began.

I curled my lips around the bottle and the clear liquid started flowing into my throat straight to my stomach and the intestine. It was like a hot magma flowing into a freezing valley, melting the ice coming in its way and relieving the valley of the chill of the winter. I could trace where it was at any particular moment. The stillness of my mind melted away and I could feel a new excitement, a new passion, a new confidence that told me I could rule the world.

So we called one by one our friends. The ones we got to talk to were shilpi, kratika, aditya, shivam, raman, megha and nikita.Β  The boys being our best supporters welcomed the party though we had to listen a lot many things from the gals. “Raghav tune sanmukh ko bigad diya hai :P”. “Use Call mat karna, tu hosh mein nahin hai”. I had to recite the birthdays to prove that I was on my own, although I dont know how much it helped. πŸ˜€

So it was yet another wonderful evening where I got to know how rich I was in terms of the treasure of friends. Love you all guys. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Use Call mat karna, tu hosh mein nahin hai.. !!

  1. hadd hai maine kyun bigaada tereko …..main badnaam ho gaya……………but guys you trust us or not but it was an awesome night….
    sanmukh remember that call to nakchadi’s mom….LOLzzz……..

  2. dude u got drunk….!!!
    cant believe what i just read…
    trully “this thing” makes u do things which u normally wont..
    still cant believe that u got drunk..!!!

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