Resolutions ’10

So now as the new year is approaching, everyone is busy making resolutions. So I thought lets give it a try. So here I am penning down my new year resolutions.
1.Cut the Caffeine:- It was not so long when I actually started believing that if I cut my veins, a fluid which is roughly a mixture of one-fourths of tea and three-fourths of coffee would come spurting out. Though things have improved since then but still needs to be improved. So with this new year I plan to reduce my caffeine intake.

2.Try to be human, not an owl:- I wonder how our body gets to know what is a bad habit so that it can catch it easily. There’s no guarantee that a 10 days of proper sleep would provide me with a 11th day of proper sleep without any effort but there is a cent percent guarantee that a one day’s improper sleep would provide me with a month’s improper sleep without any effort.There have been days when I missed the face of the sun totally, especially in Guwahati where it sets early.So I now plan to be strict with my sleep timings.

3.Grease your rusty bones:- All thanks to my beloved Department of Computer Science, the only bones of my body which are rust free are I suppose my fingers. I am a touch-typist you know. :). So I am planning for a jogging sessions regularly in the evenings. Its manpreet’s responsibility ofcourse, so I dont have to worry about it. 😀

4. Talk more, Chat less:- Chatting is bad. Its slow and addictive. Also theres no warmth in the chats. So with the call rates going down, I plan to call regularly my family and friends, and defer from chatting. 🙂

5.Keep the Blog Rolling:- Although originally I planned for a technical blog, but one heartbreak changed everything. 😀 . So now its both technical and non-technical. So now this year I plan to let my imagination fly.And sure I’d like to bring some technical stuffs in between. 🙂

P.S.: I did not mention that I resolve to increase my CPI, so please dont urge me to do that. 😀


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