Koi Meri Job Lagwado!!!

“PANIC” would be the most suitable word to describe the atmosphere here in IIT Guwahati-One of the most “Prestigious” institutes of our country. With just 30% placed as of now and the cold subsiding, I cant think of any other climatic factor dominating the environment here. Its like we are the soldiers of our country sent in the war zone with guns in our hands and sweat on our brows, darkness and silence surrounding us, expecting the enemy to jump out of darkness any moment now and a single mistake would be enough to loose our lives.(“shudders!”)

Well that was our fourth year. The third year is not at the war yet. We are actually on a greater mission: “To build a time machine in this period of 1 year so that we can go back to the time we filled ‘W’ in the IIT list.”. Well these are actually my friend’s words, so credit’s not mine. :). I have no idea what the second yearites are doing now, but I suppose they must be in their sweet slumber dreaming of whatever they are dreaming! I hope the best for the first yearites that they are still in their infancy away from the madness of this cruel world. šŸ˜€ Its just 8 months since they got over the trauma of a mental torture better known as JEE.

Someone said to me “Sanmukh! tune to bahut bura katwa liye, 700 kuch rank pe guwahati aa gaya!” and this led me into thinking about the validity of my decision some 2.5 yrs ago. I still remember that my father was the sole supporter of my decision of IITG. Against all the opinions which I was poured with I chose to go with my heart and got into this IIT. And I was so delighted to know that I was not the only one, even people with ranks 500 kuch and 600 kuch were there with me. šŸ™‚

So now I am at a stage where less than a year is left for my placements to begin, and everything seems to be negative. I dont know what would be my fate in that war which I mentioned above when it would be thrusted upon me, but somehow I dont regret my decision. Maybe its because I followed my heart, maybe because I got a lot many things from this college whether it be from professors or seniors or friends and maybe because I know that if once I could prove myself by being in the top .1% I could do it again and again in my future. The only thing that matters is interest. I chose what I liked and so inspite of all the shortcomings of my decision, I am happy with it and thats what matters. I dont know what campus placements has to offer me but I am quite sure after I go into the outer world, I will find myself a place which I deserve.

I just dont know what I wanted to convey from this post. Its just that things were troubling me so I tried to blurt them out. I am not blaming anything or anyone, neither am I doing anything positive by suggesting ways to improve things. I have fallen in love with this place, and my heart grieves to know that things are not going well. I just hope things get better. So now Id like to take a break and enjoy the good new: “Shankar Ehsaan Loy are coming to perform in alcher, yeppe!”.


16 thoughts on “Koi Meri Job Lagwado!!!

  1. You know this is such an amazing post. One of the best I’ve read in a long long time. Ekdum direct dil se!

    And job ki toh tum chinta hi mat karo. See what happens!

      • sigh..!!!
        Somehow I dont want this year to pass…!!!
        freeze these moments and live them as long as possibly can..

        Great post dude..!!
        keep up the good work…

  2. Dont worry man, u go ahead and continue to be the Phunksuk Wangdu that you are. All the Chatur Lingams in the world will have to fall at your feet someday!

  3. Nice post yaar… IITG rocksss…. CSE rocksss… dont worry we did the right thing. And as far as placements are concerned, this first job is only the beginning!

    — Kholu

  4. kya launde CS main hokar tu tension le raha hai…CS ka placement bahut tagda hai is baar …only 2 seven pointers are remaining as of now..all 8 pointers and above placed…..IITG CS rocks…

  5. Nice post sanmukh bhai…. bt seeing dis year scenario i cn bet on dis dat u wil get placed within first 2 days of placement season…. which means in a vry gud company wid a vry handsome package….. bst of lck buddy…. u r really d phunshuk wangdu of our batch…. šŸ™‚

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