3*3 Idiots

Confusion, anarchy, uncertainity would be best suitable to describe the situation of our group just 6 hrs before the trip began. We were uncertain about the number of persons, indecisive about when to leave and sometimes were even confused about where to go. πŸ˜€ So maybe with the intervention of some divine power, we were finally able to come to a decision and in the morning we left out for our adventure with a group of 9 people going to sikkim.

So let me first start with the names of the 9 idiots who went on for the adventure.

1. The Uncleji
2. The broken hearted.
3.&4.The to be in love couple.
5. The Alcoholic.
6. The Khatta King.
7. The pregnant one.
8. The lover boy.
9. Ofcourse Me. πŸ™‚

Maybe I imagine a lot. πŸ˜€

Ok so lets come to each one of these idiots, I give you the freedom of deciding which one of us was the greatest idiot.

The Uncleji:- The mastermind behind this trip, this religious priest was trying to prevent we perverts from wrath of god by not letting us sin. Alcohol was banned, non-veg could also have been banned but for the protests. We were benifitted by his preaching day and night. He also has something called a “setting bureau”, something which matches 90%(8 out of 10) of your qualities with the an arbit girl(selected depending on your preferences), thot you might be interested.He has a wonderful ability of smelling center fruit from inside the wrapper.Apart from that, I really appreciate his leadership qualities and managerial ablities.

The broken hearted:- Maybe this adventure was just a disguise to get away from the thoughts of a gal named, oops I forgot her name, It was based on some soft drink I think, ok lets call her “Coca-Cola”. Ya so this journey for him was to get away from the thoughts of “Coca-cola” but the universe conspired against him.:D With this “coca-cola” girl staying in the same hotel, our wild tiger became a pet cat. :D. To be true, I am no better than him in case of gals, so I empathy him.

“Kaise Batayein Kyu TujhKo Chahen Yaara Bata Na Payein
Batein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baki Aake Tujhe Samajhayen”

The to be in love couple:- Lets call them sonu-monu. Sonu meets monu, Monu meets sonu. They have eye contact, monu blushes, sonu shies away.:P They fell in love. How romantic. Although our Uncleji’s “setting bureau” may fail, but the trip doesnt. And so we have a couple with us, who sleep in the same room, sit together in the jeep, help each other in picking up the luggage. Love triumphs.(Warning:This may just be our uncleji’s one of the many ideas to divert attention from himself, so don’t trust untill you verify.)

The Alcoholic:- This guy was the most offended by our priest’s “fathwa” against alcohol and non-veg. Also he took a major role in contradicting the preachings of our priest and enlightening us. His sustained revolution for legalising the non-veg was successful and for alcohol, I don’t know, maybe he would have smuggled if he needed it.

The KhatteBaaj:-IIT’s full of khattebaaz and so its nothing surprising to have one with us. I guess the other groups also had alteast one. πŸ˜€ . Now actually not being into this field I dont have the wits to analyse these khattebaazs, so I can’t comment more on them. Neither am I good in remembering “khattes”.

The Pregnant One:- The one who likes the most to be photographed, but the only problem was that he had to sometimes work hard to take care of a lump in his stomach also known as “Tond”. ;).It was his only grief I suppose which I heard from him a lot many times.He enjoyed the snow the most among us(paise wasool jo karne the).

The Lover Boy:- Everything normal with this guy except for his “saccha pyar” for his love. My roaming balance went down for his “jaanu”, his pocket got lighter to buy soveniers for his “jaanu”. Given time maybe he would have built a Taj Mahal using the ice for his “jaanu”.(He already started with the base,a heart sign with two alphabets separated by a Plus sign:P).

Me:- I am perfectly normal. Even if I am not, why would I tell you.:P I dipped my hands into the cold waters of the seven sisters falls, to find a rudraksh, so I think this should be enough for my candidature for this idiot cup.

P.S.: The characters maybe fictitious, trust on your own risk.


43 thoughts on “3*3 Idiots

  1. hadd LOL dude
    cant stop laughing!!
    wish I had the wits to write something like that πŸ˜›
    anyways, i cud guess everyone except the couple and the pregnant one…care to elucidate a bit? πŸ˜‰

  2. sabse jyada charcha me rehne wale humare netaji technology aur IT ko protsahan dene ke liye puri trip me headphone pehne rahe …………….unke headphone itne badbudar the ki 2 din tk koi machhar bhi pas me nahi khatka …………….:P commendable leadership

  3. maan gaye sanmukh bhai aapki writing skills ko…..
    though initially i got confused who is d lover boy and who is d khatta king here?? πŸ˜›
    and as far as i remember…hamare Uncleji ne kabhi non-veg khane se mana nhi kiya tha…… πŸ™‚ …… but d trip surely roxx…. one of d best trip of my life….. thnx 2 all u guys…..

  4. Awesome post! I kept on guessing each of 9 idiots and yeah succeeded in some! Really admire your writing, gimme some lessons about it sometime!

  5. Cool one!!! was perplexed about the pregnant one,,,but now i think i’ve guessed it too. you should have been modest enough to mix yourself among them though πŸ™‚

  6. itne acche-acche…… pyaare-pyaare…….urff………romantic monsoon mein………. i wanted 2 c u wid d title “the lover boy”………lolz ………… n gosh !! u were busy in dipping ur hand in cold water ……. ah!!……….not good ………. mr.wire …………….. hehehe………. πŸ˜€

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