So Finally The Better Arrives

Lifes a roller-coaster ride. When I look at the past few months, I cant help but smile. Even in my most imaginative dreams I coudnt have thought of wat all happened in these past four months. And so finally the better has arrived. Now I ll spend my summers in the AC rooms of bangalore(hopefully :D) coding. Have fun with all my friends whose summers are destined in the same city.I can even get a free cook for myself, if his office is not very far from mine. šŸ˜‰ Its better than Germany I suppose where I would have been the only one in the University, and ofcourse a lot better than hyderabad(2 months without linux :O).

Life is irrational. Nothing follows a logical sequence. Its all about crazyness and weird decisions. Somehow interviewing till 2 in the night, they dropped the plan of taking anyone, although I was quite sure to get through after the interviews. Somehow the cutoff for germany increased to a level higher than I could have afforded. Somehow without giving a thought I chose this company for interview which wound up everything in a single day and let out the results while the other one hasnt even started off with its. Somehow I dint plan to go home from Kanpur, or Id have missed my interview.

So I am happy again. Lifes beautiful again. Lets see what all life has to offer. Now I have something else to worry about. I have a bangalorite whom I have to enlighten about the streets of bangalore :P.


20 thoughts on “So Finally The Better Arrives

  1. “Life is irrational. Nothing follows a logical sequence.”

    Maybe there is a problem with the sequence numbers šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

  2. People! I know bangalore! šŸ˜” You see how many nice places I show you all šŸ˜›
    And as for all of us being there this summer, yeay! We’ll have lunches together okay! šŸ™‚

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