The New Boy

So the day has arrived and the new boy has entered into the class which would turn out to be the source of his sweetest memories.

This would be the place where a shorter than dwarf girl would be in war with a footballer, and both of them would turn to be his sweetest friends.

This would be the place where his relationship with a girl would start with her dialogue, “you look like the dobby of harry potter!” and turn into that of best buddies.

This would be the place where though initially indifferent to a beauty with brain, he would later turn to be one of her most caring friend.

This would be the place where he would share punishment infront of the whole school with a boy destined to be in army.

This would be the place where he would meet a harry potter fan, call him ‘Netaji’ and afterwards lose his alocohol-ginity with his help.

This would be the place where his sadness would turn into happiness just by these two words of a girl,”udaas ho?”.

This would be the place where though very boldly taking the phone number of a gal, he would never muster the courage to call her until she does it first.

This place would witness his adolescent infatuations developing and turning into his greatest heartache for he would never be able to express them to the one he has fallen for and would later on regret it maybe for his whole life.

This would be the place where his fatty friend would sprinkle on him the words of wisdom that 96% of the love stories started in school never make it to the end and instead of wondering about the source of this statistic, he would wish that his story would be in the rest 4%.

This would be the place where he would be fascinated by the ribs vibrating sound of fighter planes landing and taking off from a runway nearby.

This would be the place where he would have his first bomb making lessons by dropping sodium in the wet wash basins of chemistry lab.

This would be the place where he would be summoned upon by the principal to question whether he was involved in making any virus and deploying it into the computer lab, and he would very innocently ask the question,”Is it possible for a student like me to write a virus of my own?”

This would be the place where he would be left dumbstruck by the beauties of his class when they show up in sarees for the teachers day and the farewell.

This would be the place he would never forget for the rest of his life.


26 thoughts on “The New Boy

  1. exhilarating!!we all miss those days,but glad that we are tied together in the strings of affection and care.Its always happy to read about school:)

  2. The only place wher u can find such a wierdo combintn../
    and he is one of the bst guy who can describe it in such a wonderful manner../?
    luv u bro./

    (NOte: Bndi ka naam bata jisne tujhse pucha ki ‘udhas ho’ aur tu khush ho gaya/./?)

  3. .MIND is still numb…. a black zero prevails….a striking though that i will never be WITH the XII -A again…they are gone……tears teared my heart apart….reading the above……..its like an old saying before you die you can see whole of your life in moments as a film…

    i DIED today ….and above is the slides of film that roles in-front of my eyes……. and

    I DIE peacefully…..

    school frnds are the really BRO-SIS and FRNDS you make…….

    rest is just SOCIETY’S liabilities……

  4. ummm..realli beauteous description o our skul lif..
    simpli fantabulous yar..mis ya..
    nd Mr.Raghav her dad s not n air force..
    tu kaunsi K ki baat kar raha h..:P

      • hey sanmukh!!!wat is it al abt ?? wwwwwwwaaaannnnnnnaaaaaaaa kkkkkknnnnoooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!! i get vry xcitd weneva ne1 amongst us talk abt r skool life…….. :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. sooooooo wellllll writtten…..!!! kudoss to u fr a sucha beatifying n heart warming description..super coooooooooooooool… πŸ™‚

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