And So It Begins

I am not very gud at and so usually I do not resort to descriptive writing where I would tour you through what all happened to me but here I am making an exception for this is the need of this post.My first day at NetApp as an interne deserves a post for itself, and I am too excited to wait for my brain to create an imaginative version out of it.

So the day began and after following the same old routine which I have been following for the 19 years of my life(there have been some exceptions in the last two years 😀 ), I went out of my PG, bought a tea for myself and went on a 1-km marathon to catch a bus. Now I was handicapped with kannada and so the conductor could not understand that I wanted him to let me know where my stop would be, although his money oriented mind did figure out where I would leave the bus so as to give me the ticket. So I ended up at the next stop to my actual location and had to walk back for my office. And finally after filling entries at three security checks one including the reception at NetApp, I finally sat on the sofa waiting for an escort for orientation.

So not very late the escort came, a charming lady. She led us first to the canteen where we were supposed to take free tropicanas and coffees as per our will and then through a bunch of documents which were to be read and signed and that was the time I remembered that I forgot to bring my pen. 😀 So was the case with 1-2 more boys. But as we all know girls are saviours in such cases for they never leave their homes with less than two pens, so our problem was solved as one of our fellow interne was a girl. Then we were taken to be snapped for our ID cards, and there I got my most ridiculous snap taken all thanks to the camerawoman who was asking me questions while taking the photograph. And so finally after completion of all the formalities, I was taken to my team manager and then finally to my team and then to lunch. Lunch was iitg mess style, the only difference being that we had to pay before we ate, and the food was 10 times better.

Then I was provided with my cubicle, with a laptop in it, which I was supposed to carry home with me, a user account to log onto all the shells which I was permitted to and from that time onwards the boring period began, for I was supposed to learn to use the shell but my user account was not configured properly and so I couldnt do a thing. Same was the case with a fellow interne, and so we went on to update status on fb and when that was over we went on to play fussball. At the beginning of the day, that fellow interne was my team mate in the project but by the end of the day, I was shifted to another project. So I got shifted from perl to java. And then at 5:30 we left from the office and I met shikhar bhaiya.

I had some delicious chicken pieces at KFC with bhaiya, a glass of mango juice and a lot of bakar, then he escorted me halfway to my home where soon after entering the room I started creating this boring piece of work. Although boring its still worth it, for all the firsts are worth remembering. 🙂


11 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Lucky you man…
    When I arrived at my office, no one knew I was coming. The HR had not communicated it to my team. 😦
    I had to sit for 3 hours before my escort took me away. And after that it took 3 days to get my system setup. 3 days of complete vellapa (yes, not even able to visit social networking sites).

    • well that is what is known as “karma”,

      ” According to the Vedas(hindu scripture), if we sow goodness, we will reap goodness; if we sow evil, we will reap evil.”

      except for the previous birth part, i think its kind of true..!!

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